My Donation to the COVID-19 Response Fund

On Behalf of the Entire Texas Health Community,
Thank You for Your Generous Donation!
Since this pandemic began, our health care workers have selflessly served the community every day. Your donation to the COVID-19 Response Fund supports our evolving work to ensure the health and well-being of our entire Texas Health community and will help to help increase community vaccination efforts to reach the most underserved communities in North Texas.
Your Gift Will Help Support:
  • Our front-line workers with their immediate needs: food, shelter, daycare assistance.
  • Locating mobile clinics in churches and other community centers in identified counties in need.
  • Utilizing a bilingual and bicultural mobile team that is linguistically and culturally appropriate in the communities we are targeting.
  • Engaging non-clinical, community-based volunteers to assist with registration and clinic flow management.
  • Providing transportation for patients to/from mobile vaccination clinics, especially in rural areas and with church partners.
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